United Arab Emirates and port of Fujairah

Under the flag of Amsterdam Port Consultants (APC), Port of Amsterdam International (PoAI) worked together with the Port of Fujairah to further improve this port's efficiency and effectiveness of the nautical service delivery.

Working with partners

Fujairah port

To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the nautical service delivery in this major Emirati port, APC and PoAI worked together with the partners:

  1. Iskes Towage & Salvage
  2. STC-Group Holding


Background collaboration

Fujairah agreement

After a period of sustained rapid growth the Port of Fujairah was looking to consolidate its current position by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of its Nautical Service delivery and prepare this for the future.

On the recommendation of mutual clients Port of Amsterdam International and our APC partners were bought in to assist the Port of Fujairah in realizing their ambitions. This fruitful cooperation fostered a lasting strategic partnership between Port of Amsterdam and the Port of Fujairah.

Services of Port of Amsterdam International

Services Port of Amsterdam International

Working together with our partners, we carried out a broad assessment of the functioning of the marine operations in the port. Recommendations for further improvement and growth were made in a range of areas.

In continuation of the assessment APC partnered with the Marine Department of the Port of Fujairah to operationalize and implement the recommendations that had been made. This was done through an intensive seven month on site cooperation by three and followed by a continued partnership to consolidate and ensure lasting improvements.

Subjects in which improvements were achieved, include:

  • Nautical planning & service delivery
  • Port Towage
  • Pilotage
  • Improved Asset allocation
  • Stakeholder management
  • Organisational design and procedures
  • Safety & security management

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