Algeria and port needs assessment

Port of Amsterdam International (PoAI) performed a needs assessment in the port of Algiers. It was done in cooperation with the Entreprise Portuaire d’Alger (EPAL). The Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Algiers supported this project.

Port of Algiers: logistical processes and capacity


The project entailed an analysis of the logistical processes and capacity within the port of Algiers, in relation to:

  • The growth ambitions of the local authorities
  • The market and economic developments
  • The construction of a neighbouring large container port


Background collaboration

Algiers people

The collaboration between Port of Amsterdam International and the EPAL fit within the broader bilateral relationship between the Netherlands and Algeria.

The Dutch maritime expertise and experience is utilised to assist the Algerian authorities in their ambitions for port modernization and optimisation. The needs assessment identified further avenues of cooperation and the role different Dutch companies and organisations can play. The project ran from 2018 till 2019.

Services of Port of Amsterdam International

Services Port of Amsterdam International

Particular focus was paid to operational capacity and requirements, innovation and human capacity, diversification and transformation, and commercial developments. The goal was a set of recommendations in these fields, based on the best practices of Port of Amsterdam and applied to the local characteristics, that enable the modernization and optimization of the Algiers port.

Additionally, the goal was to create a pathway for the port authority to adapt to the economic pressures that come from national economic policy and rivalling port developments.

Amongst the services provided were the following:

  • Field research & analysis
  • Assessment report
  • Recommendations report
  • Implementation handbook


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