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What you can expect from us? Services, created together, for sustainable port solutions.

Business development

business development

Port of Amsterdam International can help you develop existing and new markets.

With us you realize:

  • Business intelligence
  • Market analysis
  • Relation development
  • Development of intermodal logistics
  • Marketing opportunities

Port development

Algiers port

To fully utilise the potential of your port and to ensure strong port/city integration, port development is essential.

With us you realize:

  • Strategy and vision development
  • Port assessment
  • Review of infrastructure
  • Port/city integration
  • Upgrading and improving safety and security
  • Bringing ports in line with the latest international rules and regulations

Port Management

Benin port

To be effective as a port, even a modern well equipped port, you need to be managed well.

With us you realize:

  • Advice and assistance on visions and strategy
  • Planning
  • Nautical management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Organisational reviews
  • Commercial management

Management position PoAI
We can also take up a management position in your port. Based on your needs and the characteristics of the challenges, together we can customize the solutions.

Through the knowledge, the many contacts en the enthusiasm of the employees, Port of Amsterdam International made an exceptional programme for Algerian port authorities. This positive experience offers perspective for new collaboration in the future between Port of Amsterdam International and ports.

Karin Kramers, PSI Project officer for Rwanda, Burundi and Algeria PSD coach for Rwanda and Alegeria Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland

Cruise terminal management

Aruba port

Effective cruise terminal management means satisfied passengers and crews and added value for your port, city and region.

Effective management includes, the best use of resources, sustainable success and a safe and secure environment that complies with all the necessary international rules and regulations. Together we create flexible and realistic solutions that meet your needs. 

With us you realize:

  • Commercial management
  • Management of transformation projects
  • Stakeholder management
  • Terminal/city integration

Day-to-day management PoAI
We offer day-to-day management services as well.

Cruise terminal development


Effective cruise terminals are an important part of the tourism and commercial mix of any port city.

Modern cruise ships and companies have specific requirements that demand careful planning and development to accommodate. Our experience with cruise terminals around the world allows us to use the most effective methods for the development of any terminal.

With us you realize:

  • Terminal layout 
  • Assessment of logistical and passenger flows
  • Operational reviews
  • Organisational reviews
  • Touristic product development
  • Strategy and vision development
  • Composition of business cases

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