Benin and the development of port of Cotonou

The authorities of Benin had an ambition to renovate and modernise the port of Cotonou. Port of Amsterdam International (PoAI) was contracted by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Cotonou to compose the Terms of Reference for the development of a masterplan for the port of Cotonou.

Background collaboration


The competitive port developments in West Africa are high. The port of Cotonou is an important economic driver for Benin. Discussions on the modernization of the port were held on the highest level, including the President’s office.

After the tender was awarded, Port of Amsterdam International was enlisted to serve as an advisor to the Embassy. In this capacity, Port of Amsterdam International reviewed the documents composed by the selected consultants to ensure the perspective of the local port authority was taken into account. The project started in 2014 and concluded in 2019.

Services of Port of Amsterdam International

Services Port of Amsterdam International

There is significant competition between West African ports. The Beninese authorities recognised the strong trade position of the port of Cotonou and wished to ensure that the port is able to continue to perform at this level.

The experience of Port of Amsterdam International in renovation and modernisation, made it uniquely qualified to perform these tasks.

Amongst the services provided were the following:

  • Development of the Terms of Reference for a new masterplan for the Port of Cotonou
  • Advise the Embassy in selection and management of the companies that will prepare the masterplan for the port
  • Advise the Embassy in development of masterplan
  • Review documents composed by consultants for masterplan


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